My first year with JSA

Hey everyone~~ This is Thao, JSA staff, posting a blog update for the first time so please bear with my sloppy writing XD

It’s been over a year since I became one of JSA staff members~ To be honest, it’s been a truly great time 🙂 Having been with JSA for all of my freshman year, JSA has become a vital part of my college life XD

Most of my time outside of classes and homework is spent on JSA. One of my non-JSA classmates used to be like “You’re going to an event/a meeting? Let me guess, JSA?” and he was always right lolll XD JSA gave me the chance to help with planning events and stuffs, which I find really fun to do, really. I haven’t done much work actually comparing to the senpai’s, but I love helping out whenever I can :3

Last Fall 2014 I was appointed JSA co-head of the Matsuri Advertisement committee (hope you all have heard of Matsuri, which is our annual festival in Spring :P). I honestly enjoy doing this job XD For the whole Thanksgiving break, Matsuri was the only thing on my mind. I also got to meet new people who signed up for the committee from both JSA and NSU. It’s a nice experience, and I’m looking forward to working with them as we get busier in Winter quarter 🙂 On a side note by the way, we’re looking for graphic designers, video editors, and volunteers who like drawing manga, so let me know if you would like to give it a try!

Random picture, random picture... yes it's related :3

Random picture, random picture… yes it’s related :3

// (I can already imagine Sho-kun be like “さすが Advertisement head” hahaha)

There’s one other thing about JSA that I find really interesting. I’m a Computer Engineering major, so among JSA people I hang out with the engineering folks quite a lot. Some people might have heard me say this a dozen times lol, but I’m so amazed by how many awesome engineering pros there are within JSA. They have helped me a lot, and they’re all senpai’s that I look up to and keep trying to catch up with, even though I know I’m still way too far behind 😛 Not only engineering people are awesome; lots of other people are really cool too. To name a few, there’s Sho-kun who’s so good at both writing (makes me go like “さすが Literature major!”) anddd designing (which is why I’m so glad he’s on my Matsuri team XD). There was also Erik, the previous Matsuri Coordinator; he did quite an impressive job and I’m trying to learn from the way he worked. Sometimes I get this feeling that everyone around me is an amazing person in one way or another, and I admire them a lot. That’s why I enjoy hanging with JSA people – they’re always friendly, welcoming, and super cool ^_^

Well, looks like I should end this lengthy monologue here 😛 If you have read this far, thank you XD There’s something I should have said earlier, but…. Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful year ahead, and see you around!