Undoukai Practice #1

Hi, minasan, it’s Pauline!

We had our first Undoukai Practice of the year on Sunday, Feb 7th. We planned on going to Blacks Beach but it didn’t work out because of high tide. We ended up having it on Marshall Field, and it was just as fun!

We divided people into three teams and let them compete with one another playing dodgeball. Many people, including me, didn’t have experience at dodgeball but learned how to play it at the end! I was placed on Team 1. Our team lost in the first round but won in the second one when we all got kind of good at it!

12694763_1705723896379000_6999582665457488168_o 12657415_1705724926378897_2314497981108531739_o

We practiced 9-legged race too. We separated people into groups by height. We tied our ankles together and put our arms around our partners’ waists. The trick of this game is to synchronize the walk and shout out the steps. It was really easy. My team moved very fast!

12698347_1705726206378769_3532218412946571827_o 12711082_1705727113045345_6686188167407369523_o

For those who don’t know what it is, Undoukai is a sports festival of all of the SoCal JSA. It’s held in April and we play dodgeball, relay, and other events.

If you are interested in joining us for Undoukai, please make sure you come to at least one of our practices. Our next practice will be in the beginning of spring quarter. Even if you can’t go to the actual Undoukai, come to our practice and enjoy a day in the sun with us!


Thank you to my fellow leaders Nayuki and Ken.

We look forward to seeing you next time! Let’s practice dodgeball other games so we can win the first place at Undoukai! 🙂