Chasing his 2D dream – Alexander Sho Yoshiba

Winter Yoshiba - JSA GBMQuarter 2014, an innocent Alexander Sho Yoshiba waltzed into JSA GBM and thus began his life as a JSA member. As much as Alexander wanted to learn more about Japanese culture, he was also into finding a koibito. He had only one simple requirement for his koibito(lover) – she didn’t need to be the most beautiful person, nor the smartest person; All he wanted from his koibito was that she/he… was 2D. To his shock, JSA was different from what he had imagined; So different from the animes that he had watched; Why was everyone… 3D? He was devastated. Was this the right place to look for his koibito? While pondering about this situation, his ideal koibito appeared before him – Tomoki Tamiya. Alex had never seen someone who looked so 2D in his life before! Alex found out what it meant to fall in love at first sight. But now, for the chase.

Yoshiba + Tomoki Hotpot         How was Alex going to attract his dream koibito – Tomoki? He was lost, clueless of how he could grab Tomoki’s attention. He was about to give up. This was when JSA had their pre-finals destress Yoshiba - hentai shirtgathering of hotpot night!! There, tomoki showed up in a bright pink shirt. Mesmerized by Tomoki’s beauty, in his pink shirt, he regained motivation to keep trying. Does Tomoki like pink color? Was this the key to getting Tomoki’s attention? With that in mind, Alex decided to wear a bold, pink-ish colored shirt to JSA’s EQD of 2014. Boy was he excited about the event, to have fun with JSA while chasing after hisdream koibito. Tonight was his big night.

Yoshiba + Tomoki Undoukai cropped (2)    With the end of the quarter, follows a period of holiday. What’s going to become of this one-sided chase? Will the long break weaken their bond? Only time can tell. The following quarter, JSA held a huge event – undoukai. Everybody gathered at the beach on a warm, sunny day. Everybody was pumped up to win their events. But something incredible happened. Tomoki and Yoshiba shocked the world. What happened over the break to have caused this level of development? Nobody knows, but what everybody does know, is Tomoki the whiteYoshiba + Andrew - the cheat knight, carrying his princess Yoshiba, running into the sunset. Was this going to be the start of a beautiful relationship between Tomoki and Yoshiba? It may have, but something scandalous happened later that same day… Yoshiba and Andrew were caught in a photo together! Yoshiba pleaded that it was a friendly photo, but Tomoki still thought it was a little “too” friendly. This day very quickly turned south. Their relationship was being threatened. Will this be the end of Yoshiba’s dream of being with Tomoki?

Yoshiba+Tomoki - Halloween         That brings us to this quarter. JSA Halloween 2014. An event where everybody were allowed to dress up as anything they’d like. There may have been research that shown that people take this opportunity to dress up as the character they’d like to become the most. Yoshiba must have been mentally disturbed to have come up with the costume he did. To some people, Yoshiba dressing up as a non-anime character was a disappointment. Some even found it creepy. But that was not the case for everyone – in particular Tomoki! Tomoki, codename No Face, showed no expression, said no words, but his actions told the story – he grabbed onto Yoshiba’s hand and proceeded into what looks like a rather unique dance. It must have been their way of communicating forgiving, and reuniting. With this, nobody is sure how their current relationship stands, but something is for sure, it is far from over. We are all looking forward to watching how this mysterious relation will develop – If Yoshiba’s 2D dream relationship will be realized.