Stargazing: 11/22

こんにちは!This is new staff member, Stephanie Adachi. This is my first blog post, so please don’t be too hard on me hehe. Can you believe it’s almost week 8 already? Fall quarter is flying by and this week we had many events, finishing it off with Stargazing on Saturday night.

We first met at Café V at 7 to meet up with our respective drivers. Once everyone was grouped into their cars, we headed to our first stop, which was Starbucks. Since it was a chilly night by the beach, a nice, warm, holiday-themed drink was the perfect complement.

With warm drink in hand, we headed to Torrey Pines State Beach. We sat on beach towels and tarps and many people were bundled up in sweaters, blankets, hats, and scarves

10425378_1512355545715837_8027599676678583816_n                   10440208_1512355115715880_4195529516667364310_n

when you see it…                                        かわいいぼうしね〜

10805696_1512356212382437_8191275642496616165_n  10671369_1512355709049154_2372497223295184584_n

hope everyone is staying warm!                                                       and having fun!

to protect against the cold. Some members downloaded star maps and other stargazing apps on their phones to help find constellations. People found Orion’s Belt right away but there was some controversy to where the Big Dipper was. Some people were very lucky and while stargazing saw shooting stars! (I was too slow and missed it both times lolol) When it started getting really chilly and the tide got higher, we snapped a group picture


and started heading back towards campus.

It was a really nice experience; I personally had never gone stargazing before and I realized how we often take something as beautiful as a night sky for granted. It was a really relaxing evening and also a good way to meet new people. Thank you to everyone who came out to the event and I hope you enjoyed the event as well! お疲れ様 to all of the leaders too! (Priscilla, Tomoki, Sam, Yusaku, Arisa, and Diana!)

The next event will be the Thanksgiving potluck next Wednesday (11/26). Please RSVP on Facebook!

-Stephanie Adachi (安達ステファニー)