Valentine’s Day


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Hello everyone!

It’s your favorite staff member Billy, here to bring you an exciting new blog post! This one is about Valentine’s Day! I hope everyone was able to to celebrate and have fun during the long weekend! I personally spent my weekend back home in Santa Clarita sleeping. I also went out and bought three new pairs of socks. It’s not exactly the typical Valentine’s Day celebration or even a seemingly fun weekend, but I thought it was pretty exciting. Yeah I kind of like socks. I only like wearing them though, not smelling them believe it or not. I swear.

Anyway, back to Valentine’s Day! As you may already know, JSA has language table every Friday at Cafe V. So, in order to honor the season of love, last Friday we had a Valentine’s Day themed language table. Many people wore red or pink and some even brought desserts and treats! I think there were red cookies but I didn’t get to eat any sadly. I did actually get some chocolate though, courtesy of Sakurako. That was much appreciated. Maybe next year I’ll try to bring red velvet cupcakes or something. I’m probably okay at baking. I think.








They’ll probably look like this^^ except maybe slightly better.

At my table we talked a bit about the differences between Valentine’s Day in Japan and in the U.S. I personally learned quite a bit of stuff, like the concept of giri choco or obligatory chocolate, and honmei choco or chocolate you give to someone you have feelings for.  I’d personally be happy with either. I mean chocolate is chocolate, right everyone? I also learned about White Day when apparently males have to return the favor by giving a gift of their own. Sounds fair! Valentine’s Day hasn’t really even crossed my mind since my elementary school days when we were required to give valentines to all of our classmates, so learning about this was pretty fun.

So, that’s about all I have to say about that. I should probably get back to writing my paper that’s due very soon. Why do I put myself through this?

Have a good rest of the week everyone and thanks for reading! Buh-bye.