Hello everyone~! I’m Thao, JSA new Webmaster, here to give you the first blog post of this quarter which started off with our biggest annual event of the year, Matsuri Festival!!


We began planning for Matsuri since as early as Fall quarter. I had the honor of being an Advertisement Committee Head, which was a pretty interesting experience :3 It was my first time being a Matsuri committee head, and while Advertisement was one of the easier jobs, there were more things involved than I initially thought. But in the end everything turned out really well, and it was nice working with people in my team. Shout-outs to my co-head Abel Cervantes from NSU, Kathy Huynh for the wonderful poster, Jordan Guymon for designing the website, Elliot Yang for the logo and videos, other people in my team for helping with a lot of miscellaneous stuffs, as well as many many volunteers who helped with Matsuri!

This year's beautiful Matsuri poster, designed by Kathy Huynh. Thank you so much~ <3

This year’s beautiful Matsuri poster, designed by Kathy Huynh. Thank you so much~ <3

In Winter quarter, the Presentation Committee held two Work Parties where we got together and made Matsuri decorations:

WP1_jessica2 Redwhitelamps

The result!This thing was cute too :3

Week 1 of Spring was a busy week when everyone went all out with preparing for Matsuri. For Advertisement, it meant flyering everywhere~

And selfie everywhere, too

And selfie everywhere, too

It wouldn’t be Matsuri if we don’t mention all the food. Yes, all the food shown here were sold at Matsuri this year! XD

So yummy~

A test run of Taiyaki before Matsuri. Taiyaki was one of the hottest treats at the festival!

Man the lines were long

Games too!


Last but not least, Matsuri also featured various awesome performances. I was working at the booths the whole time so I missed most of them, but at least I could still hear the music and the cheering sound of the audience from my booth :3 Some performances:

Asayake Taiko!JSA's Soul Run!

NSU's [N]Motion!Guest koto performer, Reiko Obata!

The festival started at 5pm and went on until about 10pm. Everyone worked really hard, the coordinators and some volunteers started setting up in the morning, and a lot of people helped cleaning up after Matsuri until midnight that day. It was a memorable day for me, meeting lots of new people and working together with everyone. I had so much fun. 🙂

A big shout-out to our 2015 Matsuri Coordinators: Tomoki Tamiya, Emily Kawabata, Jessica Lai, and Chisato Akiba. Also, once again, thank you all the volunteers who helped with Matsuri and everyone who came out to join the fun! Matsuri couldn’t have happened without you guys!

See you again next year at 2016 Matsuri!~


UCSD JSA/NSU Matsuri Festival

Today is the big day!

Today, March 31st, is the UCSD JSA/NSU Matsuri Festival! Everyone worked so hard for this day, whether it was promoting the festival itself by flyering, emailing, etc. or helping to prepare the actual festival by buying and transporting supplies, preparing food, or building props. I also want to thank our Matsuri Coordinator Stephanie Yang for all her hard work and dedication. Here are some pictures to show the highlights of our efforts.

Many hours of flyering

Many hours of Yakitori skewering

Many hours of Onigiri making

And many hours of paper crane folding

We put in so much work to make this year’s festival extra special! Please come to Library Walk from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m and have yourself a great time!

– Don