Spring ’11 Bonfire

Yup, I don’t understand the concept of blogging; I color my world and see the passion through my photography. IN ANY CASE.

I understand some of you devoted a good portion of the day towards squatting a spot at La Jolla Shores to ensure JSA a bonfire pit that evening. I planned on arriving early to join my fellow Japanese squatters, but ultimately ended up having to play with a thousand feet of foil instead. Let us take the time to order a chittering flurry of appreciation upon the seconds spent by those who participated in the charitous act. THANKS.

The festivities consisted of a series of games- the first of which inappropriately titled “Capture the Bacon”. Despite the implicit involvement of food, there was none to be had at any point of the game. Still, a good amount of people had fun, regardless of whether or not they were on the winning side, Team Wang. MAN WHAT A TRYHARD, THAT GUY.

Following the misleadingly named game, an increasingly barbaric game we call suika-wari began, in which the objective of the game is to blind oneself, spin around five times, trust the loudest voice of your teammates you can hear for guidance, and attempt to drive a wooden dowel through the exterior layer of a vulnerable watermelon. Some participants were much more susceptible to the dizzying effects of spinning, while others regained their composure with little effort. The watermelons seemed especially tough, as several solid blows were unable to crush the fruit. Of note, one of the players, Yuta, managed to swing with enough downward force to impressively split the dowel. WAY TO GO, YUTA. NOW WE NEED ANOTHER DOWEL FOR NEXT TIME.

Afterwards, food consumption and bon firing took place as the sun gleamed its last hints of orange. While the main dish, hot dogs, were in the process of being prepared, the traditional tossing of select members of the JSA into the ocean had initiated. Fumihiko Sugie was the first to be hurled in the direction of the motherland, although the attention the spectacle drew was so minimal that upon his return he was greeted with confused faces, unaware of what had taken place. DUDE FUMI, NOBODY KNEW THAT HAPPENED.

Once dinner had been served and marshmallows began mating with chocolate inside of a room of graham crackers, the inevitable target of the night- President Yutaka Ishida, was scooped up and thrown into the pacific with little effort. To the surprise and amusement of many, a small mob organized a coup d’etat against the organizer of the JSA member tossing movement, Jeff Yamamoto, as a sort of parting gift. JEFF YOU HELLA DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING.

The event was an overall success with little to no apparent difficulties. YOU ALL HAD FUN, SEE YOU NEXT TIME.




先週の火曜日は今学期初のGBMでした。ここで、GBMってなんやねん!と思う方がいると思います。GBMとはGeneral Body Meetingの役で、GBM中に他のメンバーに会ってお話をしたり、日本のさまざまなことを習います。




次に、ice breakerをしました。初めて会う人同士が多かったと思います。皆さんがお互いにお話をし、新しい友達を作るためのゲームでした。






GBM 1!!!! (FA2011)

Hi JSAers,

Thanks for coming to our first GBM! I was suprised to see a huge turn out. Lots of new people—-!

For those of you who missed our first GBM, I want to write a short summary this event.

We started off with Soul Run performance!

They (including me) were so coooool.

After that, we played an icebreak (name/adjective game). I hope people made lots of new friends.

Then we had announcement time. Lots of events coming up this quarter (hiking, movie, halloween event, etc.) Check our website/FB for updates.

As usual, we went to get dinner after that. The place was a Japanese restaurant, Ichirio, which is on Convoy street.

While waiting for the food, I had a good time knowning about new members.

Again thank you all for coming to our first GBM. I will see you at the next event.

I just put couple of pictures too, so please check them out. More pictures are posted on our Facebook group page.




Soul Run Team. We will start our practice at the end of this month.


Funny picture- Azuma medatterune-


Dinner at Ichiro. We found a new goaly for Shinsengumi (IM soccer team)



  • とある会談
    • 小林 俊平

小林 俊平

  • んで

  • 暇してるのかい

  • 杉江 文彦


    杉江 文彦

    • いやー

    • ブログを読んでいただいたら

    • 多忙な毎日を過ごしてる事が

  • 小林 俊平


    小林 俊平

    • もうよんだぜ

  • 杉江 文彦


    杉江 文彦

    • 分かると

    • 思いますが

    • 読んだのかよw

  • 小林 俊平


    小林 俊平

    • うん

  • 杉江 文彦


    杉江 文彦

    • あの悲惨な日の事を...

  • 小林 俊平


    小林 俊平

    • 結構頻繁に

    • いくから

    • ふみがブログアップしんてじゃねーかと

Strawberry Picking [Spring 2011]


this is Marina.

I’m studying for my genchem midterm tomorrow…*sigh* someone take me awayyyyy from stupid CLICS pleaaase :'(

anyways. I’m here to make a blog entry about my favorite spring JSA event, strawberry picking, because Mr. President told me to.

I can’t believe he remembered…I thought no one would notice that I never wrote a blog entry…even Staff Leader Jeff outran me.

Ok here we go.

So the event went like this.

We met up at the usual, Cafe V, pretty early in the morning. Jimmy was sleeping like the whole entire time we were waiting outside for other people like Fumi.

but then again that’s just Jimmy he’s sleepin’ all the time, so:)

Uhhh we went all the way up to Carlsbad, I forgot the place’s name but it was close to the outlet and the flowerfield.

Once we got off our cars we got attacked by the weird strawberry man…

and then some people like Azuma went really creative and brought, um, rennyuu…condensed milk?

Aya found baby strawberries and a daddy strawberry, Jimmy found a fried-chicken-shaped strawberry, umm…

I don’t remember what other cool things happened. Oh yeah! Fumi tried to hit Jeff Y. with a green strawberry and missed him –> landed on Mayuko instead. haaahaaaa.

Lunch @ Pat&Oscar’s was good too, thank you Esther for reserving the entire patio for JSA:) >>!!!!!BREADSTICKS!!!!!<<

Bahhhh i don’t know how to put photos into paragraphs on this blog thing.

I suck.

So for those of you who got confused, I actually posted my incomplete blog earlier yesterday night and I’m editing this now, I just came back from TGIF, dinner after GBM IV:)

I’m hoping this blog of mine doesn’t get beaten by someone else who might possibly be writing another blog about the GBM as I speak…

So, all in all, strawberry picking was a fun event.

tomorrow is bonfire:) come out to la jolla shores y’awllllllllllllllll.


Business Skills Seminar hosted by Destinhaus LCC




  • Before anything, network well (to get the interview in the first place)
  • Have confidence
  • Have passion/motivation/positive energy
  • Show that you can  communicate effectively


ちなみに話を聞いてて自分が一番おもしろいと思ったのはAdaptive Capabilityの話。プラン通りに物事が進まなかった場合どうやって即興で場を乗り切るか、とか状況判断を問うトコですね。ここが秀でてるとかなりプラスらしい。自分は、そこらへん改善/成長する余地大いにありですね。




Spring ’12 GBM 1

Hi everyone!

This is Shunpei from the Japanese Student Association.

Last Wednesday JSA had our first GBM of Spring Quarter!

I was happy to see a lot of old and new faces!

Nikkei Student Union president Sami and many other NSU officers/staffs were there too!

I was very touched by their support haha.

Wanna see how it went? Well here you go..








Looks awesome huh! But if you missed GBM1, do not worry! (:

We have a lot of fun events planned out this quarter for all of you.

Keep an eye out for the events on facebook~.



JSA Officer/Staff Spring 2012 Retreat

Hi everyone!

This is Shunpei from the UCSD Japanese Student Association. This weekend, all the officers/staffs got together at my place for our Spring retreat!

We spent some quality time planning out future events, and we are very excited for this quarter!

Here is a sneak peak of our retreat ^^


New Officers, the Same Awesome JSA



See you all this Wednesday at GBM1! 🙂

Thanksgiving Potluck!

Hey all! This is your JSA Finance and Soul Run Captain, Thuy =]

Last Wednesday was JSA’s Thanksgiving Potluck~ This year’s was held at the International Center.
For those who didn’t go or don’t know what it is, it’s where all attendees bring one dish and put it together to have one big Thanksgiving buffet:alt

This is just half of one of the tables of food that we had. We had over 30 people attend the potluck so there was a lot of food to go around. Other than the huge turkey (prepared by Tony and Marina) and various entrees, snacks, drinks, desserts brought by JSA members.  There was nikujagga, mashed potatoes, apple pie, pumpkin pie, pasta, korean food, popcorn, chips, cookies, and tons more food that I can’t remember right now. (Btw, I got to carve the turkey ^^) alt

Not only was there delicious food, but we also got to play Jenga, musical chairs and telephone charades~ This was probably the biggest musical chairs I have ever played in, even though it went by so quickly. (It also had the best music thanks to the awesome DJ/Photographer, Don Lee)



Above, all the people getting ready to play musical chairs in the second (“game”) room at International Center.

Below, you can see that the people who lost having to dance in the middle while everyone was walking around the musical chairs lol. The game got really crazy near the end, and what happened during that time, you’ll have to ask one of the people who played =X (It was very surprising–that’s all I can tell you). Since she was probably the winner, the leaders decided to make Aya Sasaki the champ. (Sorry if this is all vague, but the people who went should know what I’m talking about. Those who don’t, maybe you should come to the events next time ^_~)


Another great game that we played was telephone charades (game we played in GBM 3, remember?) We had Team JUSTICE WANG vs. Team SHINKAI


Above is team SHINKAI trying to perform “unicorn”…which got translated to the end as “superman”?

And below is team JUSTICE WANG performing the last word,  “unko” -__-“. ‘nough said. I am still unsure who won…but it should be this team (hahaha look at Kazuto XD )


All in all, it was a pretty great party. Thanks Marina and Tony! I’m sure everyone ate a lot. and good job to everyone who brought food/drink/etc you guys did a great job too! The food was delicious…I think I gained 5 lbs from all that food -___- ” . Time to exercise hard at Soul Run practice lol. =]

Hope ya’ll had a great Thanksgiving break everyone!

<3 Thuy



まず、僕は3月17日を持ちましてオフィサー任期満了となり、来学期からはスタッフとしてUCSD JSAをサポートさせていただきます。

2010年3月から今年3月まで、長い間お世話になりました。こんな未熟な僕を温かく見守って下さってありがとうございました。JSAでは素晴らし い仲間に恵まれ、とても楽しい時間を過ごさせてもらいました。来学期からは少しJSAから離れ色んな分野を視野に次なる成長の場を探しに行きます。今まで 応援ありがとうございました。

来学期は、UCSD JSA External Vice Presidentの森永勇太君をよろしくお願いします。




私の家族には大きな影響はなかったのですが、東北地方では死者・行方不明者が日に日に増え大変な状況になっています。福島県の原発事故や鹿児島県の 火山噴火のニュースを見ると居たたまれない気持ちでいっぱいになります。避難所生活を余儀なくされている市民の事を思うと、きれいな水や美味しいご飯を毎 日食べてる自分は一体何をしてるのだろうと考えさせられます。私達がサンディエゴで普通に生活している今、東北では人が苦しんでいます。

日本から遠く離れたサンディエゴで私たちが被災者の為にできる事は限られています。物資やお金などの支援活動を行いたいと思い色んな人と話し合った 結果、むやみに救援物資を送っても第二の災害になりかねない事に気づかされました。高い郵送料を払って、被災地で実際の役に立たない物資を送っても迷惑に なるだけなのです。今、私達にできる最善の救援活動は募金を集めて日本にパイプのある救助団体に送る事です。

JSAは一万ドルを目標金額に掲げ募金活動に励んでいます。インターネットに募金サイトを立ち上げたり路上での募金活動を行っています。三月二十日 現在、サイトの募金だけでサンディエゴ中から$9359集まりました。JSAが始めた活動がサンディエゴ中に広まり、私は本当に感動しました。募金活動の 協力してくれた皆様、本当にありがとうございました。あと、期末試験返上で頑張ってくれたJSAスタッフの皆、本当にありがとう。




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