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Hi everyone!

I haven’t blogged in quite awhile. Last time I did this I was studious and had just finished midterms. Now I’m not reading for class, thinking of skipping class, and writing a blog about how happy I am.

That’s sounds okay right? lol

Yesterday was my 20th birthday! En-chan also wrote a blog about her birthday, so I’m going to copy her again LOL. I think it’s pretty appropriate to write a random blog when you’re happy and JSA does something so wonderful for you right?

But before I talk about the wonderful surprise at dinner, I also had a few surprises from my roommates too.

First, my roommate Gabby made a bunch of memes and photoshopped me into them. Here’s one of my favorite ones:

LOL. I couldn’t stop laughing, because she actually made me like 8 of these.

She remembered from a long time ago when I said I wanted to get flowers from a boy one day LOL

I came home last night to find our Christmas lights up and this weird poster with just a cutout of my head. But then I looked closer:

Does this white rectangular poster and red circle(ish) thing in the middle look familiar to any of you Japanese Student Association members?

Except my head isn’t a perfect circle, so it looks more like 梅干し LOL

Gabby’s little note on the bottom says “God Bless Japan.”


As for the surprise from JSA, it was indeed surprising lol.

I had just received $50 from my brother so I could spend it on going out with my friends for my birthday, so I asked the officers and staff if any of them were free.

No one replied ;___;

The only person that said they could was Kiyo LOL. And even he only gave me this “:D!!”. I wasn’t sure what it meant.

Then Yusaku asked me how my day was going and I mentioned the plans for that night. I also remembered that Ecopoli was supposed to meet that night so that explained why a lot of people didn’t reply to me. He was like “Yeah, sorry about that!” Didn’t make me feel better </3

Then Sena texted me asking if we could go out to dinner! We invited Kiyo and Yuka and we left later that evening.

When we got there I was suspicious after I saw a silver Nissan (Ryo’s car) and then a red mini cooper (Min’s car). Then I saw Keita at the register and when I asked them, “Isn’t that Keita san?” One of them said “No.” But it was clearly Keita san LOL.

He told me to walk out to the back and…

Yes, I was pretty surprised lol. The night before everyone showed up at my apartment at midnight right after I showered, so I thought THAT one was the surprise.

Some of the thoughtful gifts they gave me:

In case you can’t see that 色紙 clearly enough, here’s the other side of it with a closer view

So. Many. Priscilla faces.

It was a beautiful and thoughtful gift from everyone (: Reading the little notes from everyone after I got back made me want to cry.

Keita san also gave me a guide book for when I go to Japan next year! I’m glad he’s been listening every time I ramble about my trip LOL. The cute handmade coasters are from Emily. THEY HAVE A PICTURE OF MY DOGGY ON IT. So cute ♡

The last gift surprised me the most, especially because I didn’t remember talking about how I wanted a polaroid camera. Even though I have always wanted one… lol. This gift from everyone was very touching and I can’t wait to use it to take pictures with everyone.


I didn’t write this blog post just to brag about all the stuff I got and how they gave me special treatment for my birthday.

Everything always comes back to how much JSA means to all of us LOL.

I am so grateful for every single person that contributes to JSA somehow. Whether they’re a member that comes out occasionally or regularly, a staff that contributes their help to planning JSA out, or an officer that helps us determine how JSA will turn out at the end of the day.

I’ve never put so much effort into something as I’ve much as I’ve put in JSA. I love everything about it, from the people in it, the things we do together, the friendships that come out of it––all of it is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

Being with JSA and seeing how much they would do for just one person made me realize why I shouldn’t regret anything. I don’t regret any silly mistake or any dumb decision I’ve made. If I hadn’t made those then I wouldn’t have the same wonderful life. I love my life so much as it is.


sorry, this is what happened last time too LOL.




You guys should come to our Photoshoot! It’s gonna be in the Japanese Garden in Balboa Park. Making more memories together sounds nice right? (:

If you actually read the whole thing, thanks for reading LOL

– Priscilla/Printernal/プリ(ン)

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