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Tsumiki Preschool Matsuri Volunteer


Hello everyone! (^0^)

My name is Sena, a freshman at Muir College, and I became a JSA staff member this year. Yoroshikuonegaishimasu! m(>_<)m

So, the Tsumiki Preschool Matsuri volunteer event was quite an early start to my Saturday, and probably for everyone else who volunteered that day. (Last Saturday at 9 am) I thought we would have to run around, so I came in the JSA member shirt( everyone should buy one >o<) and some shorts. I looked like a tiny kid going to catch some bugs, according to many of the other jsa members and officers. Sigh. (=_=) and it was cold. Everyone should check the weather before coming out. It is best to be prepared at all times!

Back to the event…

We all had individual game booths to help out at, including kingyo scoop, balloon catch, balloon popping game, oni bean bag toss, etc. There was also the food stand, where some of the JSA members also helped out. The children were very cute, ranging from toddlers to elementary school kids. Along with the games, the kids also had performances, such as with taiko. It was very entertaining, but i couldn’t really see because all the parents were crowded around. A lot of the children wanted the swords, and you know, who wouldn’t want a sword? I wanted one, opposed to the hello kitty nail polish. Actually, no I would want the hello kitty nail polish too.

The food was so delicious, with takoyaki, yakisoba, yakitori, gyoza, karaage, mmmmmmmmmmmm. (^0^) so gooooood.

and shaved ice. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Everyone was very hardworking, and no one made any of the children cry! yay! Jsa members = very friendly.

 All of us enjoyed ourselves, and after a hard days work – 9-2, we got a ton of free food.WOOOOOHOOO

So all in all, IT WAS A BLAST. Come join JSA at our next event to be a part of these fun times~

Minasan, sayonaraaa~

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