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MASA’s Asian Night Market


Hey everyone! Hope you guys are having a good week. I know it just started but I have been holed up inside the library for the last 48 hours preping for midterm week. I guess I am kinda ready for it lol.

This Past Friday (1/22/16) was MASA’s Asian Night Market at UCSD’s Library Walk.


Everyone had a fun time browsing the rest of the night market which housed all of the various UCSD affiliated Asian cultural clubs such as VSA, KASA, and more. Mostly the booths were selling various foods representing their club’s cultural background focus. JSA sold a tremendous amount of yakionigiri (seasoned fried rice balls) and takoyaki (octopus fritters) with NSU. Not trying to brag for JSA but there were so many customers for our booth that the line spanned across nearly half of the whole night market itself (Just kidding I am totally bragging good job JSA!!!).


JSA and NSU volunteers helped to toss and turn the takoyaki on the takoyaki pan fryers, and help to shape and season the rice for the yakionigiri. Special thanks to all the JSA members who came out to help us at the booth and also those who bought yummy food from us as well. I hope to see you guys at our next event!



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