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Ice Skating after Language Table!

January 15, 2016


早速UCSD Week 2 が終えてからイベントはもう二つ終え、少しずつ新しい顔や親しんだ顔に会うことができました!

金曜日はLanguage Tableで日本語・英語の会話の練習をした後、みんなでIce SkatingをしにUTCへ向かいました。桜子ちゃん(VP External)はお店のミスで無料ディナーだったらしいです!ラッキーだったね!

8:30にリンクが開いたので食べ終わったあと男子は暇つぶしにJ CrewとClark’sのAfter Christmas Saleをみに寒い雨の中を歩いていきました!ショッピングバッグ持ちながら帰ってきてました。w

Ice skatingが初めての子もいれば幼いころにレッスンをうけたことのある子もいたので助け合いながらみんな楽しく滑ることができました!Sylvia(Staff)とWon-chan(Finance)はみんなの写真を撮るためにびゅんびゅん滑っていました!いい写真が沢山あるので楽しみにしててください!


楽しいFriday Nightでした。来てくれた人、ありがとうございます!


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Hello JSA members. Nice to meet you all, I’m Seira, the JSA co-Matsuri Coordinator. It’s only been two weeks since I came back from Europe and I already feel stressed out by UCSD’s workload! In addition to the reverse culture shock from all the midterms and homework, I’ve also come back to a new JSA! Full of fresh and old faces, everybody seems to be enjoying our club (:. I can’t wait for the events to pick up and spend more and more time with you all!

Week 2 officially ended on Friday and we ended our Friday with Language Table + Ice skating!

I’ve always wanted to have an Ice Skating event with JSA and we finally pulled it through! *woohoo!

After language table (thank you for the outstanding attendance rate), we headed over to UTC’s food court and ice skating rink. Our VP External, Sakurako got a free meal because the restaurant made a mistake! Lucky her (:

Since the ice skating session began at 8:30pm, the boys loitered over to J Crew and Clark’s After-Christmas Sales. They came back with shopping bags in their hands. lol

There were a variety of experienced and inexperienced skaters so it was a great opportunity for people to help each other out and get to know each other! (: Sylvia (staff) and Won-chan(Finance) intensively took every photo-op that was available. Photos will be uploaded soon so stay in tune for that (:

We were only supposed to Ice Skate until 10pm, but ended up staying for the whole session (11pm).

It was the perfect Friday night. Thank you for all the ones that signed up!

See you next Saturday for “Running Away”!

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