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想い出がいっぱい – Taiga Hosoi, EYP, and a Truly Remarkable Year

It’s me, Edward again and it’s come around the time that I owe JSA another blog post. I hope you guys are having a good summer so far; I myself am going on “vacation” in around a month, so I’m super stoked, though my enthusiasm is curbed a little bit by the looming presence of Summer school. Oh well.

Soo… starting on a somewhat depressing note, Taiga Hosoi returned to Japan this week, as I’m sure a lot of you already know. We met playing Super Smash Bros and parted playing Super Smash Bros; never in my life have I met somebody so much better at that game than other people (in this regard, I am kind of glad he left). But apart from that, he’s helped me so much putting together our S I N G E R B O Y S performance, smoothing out transitions, keeping tempo, getting everybody obsessed with beat-boxing, that I’m willing to forgive him for that one time he decided to take a nap and MISS PRACTICE. Hanging out with him has been so cool, whether it was Little Sheep Hot Pot or Karaoke, he always kept things interesting. I admit this last week has felt a little more somber knowing that he’s gone. Gonna miss you, Taiga Hosoi and I’m pretty sure I won’t be the only one. If you didn’t get to talk to him during his stay, then TOO BAD; HE’S GONE AND WILL (PROBABLY) NEVER COME BACK.

EYP definitely felt like a success this year (any issues and complaints can be addressed to noreply@gmail.com). I don’t know how it kicked off because I was too busy TAKING A GODDAMN FINAL, but rushed there as fast as I could. thought the food was great, though I could see how meat-only could have been disappointing to some (actually I can’t see how at all). The ambiance felt incredibly classy and matched how everybody was dressed. To you who came, I’m incredibly lucky to be surrounded by such good-looking folks 😉 😉 ;). Of course the highlight of that evening for me (and I hope some other people) was of course performances. I didn’t get to voice a lot of my thoughts about them at the time, so here’s my chance.

To Yusaku, Kevin, and Andy: that was colorful.

To Jsync: gosh that tarp was a really nice touch. My only regret was that I didn’t get to see it from the audience’s perspective.

To Ken and Thao: well you got me; I almost certainly wasn’t going to guess that song. You guys definitely started off the dances explosively, so kuh wuh iiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

To Stephanie and Arisa: hot damn, you guys definitely increased the temperature in the room by a couple of degrees. I’ve never seen anything like this before.

To Nimish and Anish: hey I was glad to hold your drum. Woo hoo. I’m just kidding, guys. Holy shit, you can move though. Pretty sure that would’ve sapped all my energy within the first 30 seconds.

And… I got to perform too, with my very own S I N G E R B O Y S. It’s been a good run, boys; preparing for this gig has been something that I’d been looking forward to every single week. The saddest thing is that most of the group is graduating, but fear not. This is not the end. If you love music and have a knack for anything music-related, then I suggest you join our group, because next year, we’re aiming for the big stage.

And well, that’s the end of my 3rd year at UCSD. Truly, it has been my best year so far. I am so glad I joined a club. Never could I ever imagine that I would be looking back at a year so fondly. I had a bit of trouble starting off, but man am I so glad I stuck with it. Thank you everyone for having me :). Signing off.

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