Why, hello there. Thanks for stopping by. My name’s Nimish. I’m JSA’s Event Coordinator; I’m the guy that reserves restaurants and sets up rides. I’m also JSA’s resident brown guy. I used to bite people but I think I’ve finally gotten that under control so please, don’t hesitate (too much) to come up to me at an event and say hi! I don’t bite, not anymore.

Anyway, this past Wednesday, we had our last GBM of the 2014-2015 school year! I was one of the leaders, along with Thao, Tomo-kun, James, and Henry.

Two of our ikemen leaders.

We decided on a summer theme for this event, and planned most of our activities with that motif in mind.

This guy didn’t really like our choice of theme.

Our icebreaker game was Never Have I Ever! Basically, everyone took turns saying things that they have “never ever done” and if someone else in the group had done that thing, they put one of their fingers down. The last person standing was the winner. Competition was fierce.

The yung bubbadumpz sizes up his opponents.

Friendships were broken, enemies were made.

“What’s that? I can’t hear you over the sound of ME WINNING THIS GAME.”

After our wonderfully heated icebreaker (it actually wasn’t really that heated), we were treated to a wonderful, edifying presentation of Japanese summer cultural activities by the esteemed Tomo-kun and the lovely Thao-chan! It was very legit. We learned that the Japanese equivalent of “pinata breaking” is “suika wari” or “watermelon breaking.

I am not making that up.

We also learned about some of Japan’s traditional natsu matsuri, “summer festivals.” Apparently Japan has firework competitions in summer! That sounds pretty awesome.

Thao’s slide design was lovely.

All in attendance were positively enraptured.

One such enraptured attendee.

We then proceeded to play our main game, appropriately and concisely titled “Game.”

I really am not making this stuff up.

As you can see above, the object of the game was to think up songs whose lyrics contained the words “summer,” “sea,” or “sun” (or their Japanese translations). The catch was that each participant had to sing the part of the song that contained one of the target words! Thank goodness we have some very good singers in JSA.

Here we see a GBM-goer entranced by someone’s dulcet tones.

This game, “Game!” was actually quite a bit harder than its simple, carefree title indicated, and confusion and consternation abounded.

“You’re telling me Jingle Bells isn’t a summer song!? “In Da Club” isn’t either!? I’ve been lied to all my life!”

Alas, before we knew it, GBM was over and we all gathered for one final picture.

Pictured: Tomo “I’m really surprised” Komuro, Alex “A-Yeezy” Yoshiba, and Tommy “Bond” Yau.

But for those who had signed up ahead of time, there was yet fun to be had! We all headed out to Hinotez in Convoy to enjoy some super oishii Japanese food. Some used the outing as a chance to do some deep thinking.

“Should I dye my hair purple?”

“Purple isn’t really my color, though. How about red? Blue? This is hard.”

I personally took this as a chance to practice my Kuchiyose no Jutsu.

“Do I really have to draw blood? That seems like it would hurt.”

All jokes aside, the food was excellent, and everyone had an equally excellent time. Here we are pictured again, right outside the restaurant.

We’re very good at taking serious pictures.

All in all, Spring 2015 GBM 3 was a great success, and I thank all who came out for doing so! If you couldn’t make it out last week, I look forward to seeing you at one of our remaining events this quarter!


Until next time,

Nimish “Brown Guy” Pratha


P.S.: Mouse over the pictures (if you haven’t already) for more lame jokes!

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