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Hi everyone! This is Stephanie again and this will be my first blog post as your new historian! For the next year, I will be documenting all of our JSA events by taking pictures, so if you ever see me with my camera, don’t be afraid to come up and say hi! And what a fitting blog post for historian because this past weekend was our Photoshoot event! Similar to last year’s photo shoot, we went to Balboa Park to take group photos and single shots. However, this year we did something a little different and instead of staying in one location we took photos in different areas of Balboa Park. Having only been to Balboa Park once, this was a really fun way of exploring the beautiful park as well as taking fun pictures!

 Our first location was the well where we took the Officer group photo and single shots!

IMG_1097Group Photo!


Single Shots!

Then we went to the botanical gardens to explore and take cute/funny photos!


After we stopped for a quick snack


(Expectation vs. Reality LOL)

 We took our boy/girl photos and our group picture at the beautiful fountain!



 Our last stop was the rose gardens where we took some fun, random pictures!


TFTI -Nayuki Isoda


 This was a really fun event where we all got dressed up in our theme of red and white and got to tour Balboa Park in the beautiful weather! I hope everyone who came out had a great time and お疲れ様 to my fellow leaders: Arisa, Jin, Seira and Nayuki! Also, please come out to our next events this week: Temaki Night (if you signed up on the Gdoc) on 5/20 and Multicultural Night on 5/27!

– Stephanie Adachi 🙂

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