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Midterm Week

Hi, everybody, it’s Edward and though this post is long overdue, I figured now was a better time than ever to finally write it (I lied. I was stumped and Won told me to write about midterm week, so here it is lol). So yeah, Midterm Week. I know a lot of you were stressed out and to you I say “Ha!” because unlike you, I was not stressed out because I had no midterms.

So while you were studying I was helping plan GBM 2, a first time for me. I’ve got to admit, being a newbie to this whole lead thing, I wasn’t exactly sure if things would pan out well. Having spoken to a few people afterwards, I was exceptionally glad to hear that the overall reception was warm. To any non-staff reading this (fat chance, amirite) then I urge you to go outside of your comfort zone and try joining the team; your input could be just what we need.

Anyway, after that there was Strawberry Picking, an event that I had the honor not to go to because, well, actually, I don’t really remember why I didn’t go. It probably had to do with it being very early and me not being very good with mornings. So, to the people who went, hope you had fun and if you didn’t go, shame on you. We put a lot of effort into our events; who do you think you are, not coming? Screw midterms and studying, tests are so easy you should just know everything on it already.

All joking aside, I had a very good weekend last week. This had very much to do with the sheer progress that my singing group has been making. We don’t get to practice that often, so with what we’ve managed to do so far, I’m honestly proud. Here’s to you, boys. One day we’re gonna be on the big stage.

Well that’s that. Until next time and if you actually read this post to here, then wow. Don’t you have something better to do with your time?

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