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Boy-Girl Outing!!

Hello everyoneee! This is your historian, Arisa!
It’s almost 3pm on a Sunday before my hell week…and I’m still in bed on my computer when I’m supposed to be up and studying for my midterms.
But I promise to study after I finish writing this blog. I promise…

okay anyways I’m here today to write about our JSA event yesterday, BOY-GIRL OUTING!

For those of you who haven’t been to a JSA boy-girl outing before, it’s an event where all the boys get together to make something for girls and all the girls get together to make something for boys to exchange at the end for dinner!
I’m gonna be writing about the girl’s side, because I obviously wasn’t with the guys.lol But it’s okay because girls’ side is always better. Right Priscilla? hehe

So after meeting up at Cafe V, the girls moved to the JSA house to prepare our gift for the guys and played Heads Up! which is like charades.


I don’t remember what this was supposed to be… lol


After breaking the ice, we started on our gift! This year our gift was pie pops!

(It’s basically like a cake pop but with a pie on a stick instead)


So this is a brief summary of how we made it(:


Step 1: First we cut the dough with cookie cutters!


Step 2: Then we put one piece of dough on a stick


Step 3: Put your favorite filling on top of the cut-out dough and close it with another piece of cut-out dough!



Step 4: Put it in the oven πŸ˜€





Ooooooo looks so good hehe


P.S. This happened when these were in the oven…

The parchment paper was burning and the whole house was filled with smoke lol
So these girls were trying to fan it haha
shhh don’t tell the guys ^_^;


Step 5: Decorate them!


That’s pretty much it haha


And we also wrote personal messages for each person! πŸ™‚


Now time to go to Koon Thai to meet the boys with our pie pops!


waiting for the boys…

Sorry I didn’t take pictures of the food cause I was too hungry lol


After dinner is exchange time!



This was mine hehe so pretty!


thanks guys for all the $’s.

I think everyone liked their gifts! Good job everyone(:


This concludes my blog about Boy-girl Outing!
Aaaaaand that means I have to go study ugh πŸ™
Good luck everyone with your midterms and don’t get sick!
Hope to see everyone at our GBM next Wednesday the 18th!

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