Winter End of Quarter Dinner

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all enjoying break. Here’s a brief overview of what happened at our end of quarter dinner.

This quarter our EQD took place at Kogi Korean BBQ. Sadly, I didn’t come out of there weighing 50 kilos as I had hoped, but I’d say our impression of this place was positive overall. I especially liked the pork kalbi. Also, a special thanks to my tablemate Jonathan Jiang for being our meat flipper and to Ken Kudo for eating my fried rice. As evidenced by the following photos, we all had a great time there.


What was the “special event” this time around? We decided it would be a good idea to assign people into groups and make each group coordinate a theme for their clothing. Some of the themes we saw included Winnie the Pooh, all black, and gangsters. The group photos turned out great! We capped everything off by giving a big thanks to our retiring officers and getting Boba.



Lastly, I’d like to give a big personal thanks to our retiring officers. Enjoy the break, because you guys really deserve it!


Undoukai Practice #1

Hi, minasan, it’s Pauline!

We had our first Undoukai Practice of the year on Sunday, Feb 7th. We planned on going to Blacks Beach but it didn’t work out because of high tide. We ended up having it on Marshall Field, and it was just as fun!

We divided people into three teams and let them compete with one another playing dodgeball. Many people, including me, didn’t have experience at dodgeball but learned how to play it at the end! I was placed on Team 1. Our team lost in the first round but won in the second one when we all got kind of good at it!

12694763_1705723896379000_6999582665457488168_o 12657415_1705724926378897_2314497981108531739_o

We practiced 9-legged race too. We separated people into groups by height. We tied our ankles together and put our arms around our partners’ waists. The trick of this game is to synchronize the walk and shout out the steps. It was really easy. My team moved very fast!

12698347_1705726206378769_3532218412946571827_o 12711082_1705727113045345_6686188167407369523_o

For those who don’t know what it is, Undoukai is a sports festival of all of the SoCal JSA. It’s held in April and we play dodgeball, relay, and other events.

If you are interested in joining us for Undoukai, please make sure you come to at least one of our practices. Our next practice will be in the beginning of spring quarter. Even if you can’t go to the actual Undoukai, come to our practice and enjoy a day in the sun with us!


Thank you to my fellow leaders Nayuki and Ken.

We look forward to seeing you next time! Let’s practice dodgeball other games so we can win the first place at Undoukai! 🙂


Running Away/逃走中


スタフの健です。かなり遅れましたが、1月23日に行なったRunning Away/逃走中のイベントの出来事を報告したいと思います。

まずは、Price CenterでのTapioca Expressの前で集合!そこで、皆さんをランナー(追われるほう)とハンター(追うほう)のチームに分けました。




































Bon Odori 2016

Hey everyone, it’s Stephanie – JSA’s historian!

Can you believe it’s Week 7 already? This quarter is going by so quickly D: Hope midterms and everything hasn’t been too bad 🙂 Well anyway, last week (2/11), we had our 2nd annual Bon Odori event! If you didn’t know, bon odori (盆踊り)is a type of Japanese traditional dance that is danced at bon festivals, or festivals that celebrate our ancestors, all around Japan. Different regions will have specialized dances for what they’re famous for, so places famous for coal-mining will have movements that resemble mining in the dance. I learned a lot of these dances from obons in the Japanese American community in SoCal, and it’s interesting because we do dances from all around Japan since immigrants from brought their different regional dances here!

Obon in Japan vs. US
This year, I taught Memanbetsu Bayashi (メマンベ林)and 1+1 Ondo ( 一たす一音頭) and they are always crowd favorites at obons! Although Memabetsu Bayashi seemed to be a little harder to grasp than I thought it would (lol) it still looked like everyone had a lot of fun! And it was fun seeing people (cough cough Czeanne) put their own “twist” (cough cough dabbing) on all the dances. For the second song, first we danced to the original recording of 1+1 Ondo but for a fun twist, I did what my odori sensei does and paired it with Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off”! It definitely sped things up but it looked like everyone enjoyed it!
After I taught the dances, we played Musical Elbows! The game is really similar to Musical Chairs but instead of grabbing a chair, you have to grab an elbow LOL. Congrats to winners, Lauren and Pauline. Also kind of congrats to pity winner Kyohei LOL.
Thanks so much to everyone who came out to this event! It always makes me really happy to see people interested especially in this event because I got to start it last year! Thank you JSA for giving me the opportunity to share an aspect of Japanese/Japanese American culture that means a lot to me 🙂 <3 and lastly, thank you and お疲れ様 to my fellow leaders Nayuki, Tomomi and Christina!
IMG_8025 IMG_8026
Our next event will be our annual Lake Poway event! It’s going to be this Saturday (2/20) with meetup at 10 AM at Pines. And don’t forget about our weekly Language Table every Friday at Cafe V form 5-6 🙂

MASA’s Asian Night Market


Hey everyone! Hope you guys are having a good week. I know it just started but I have been holed up inside the library for the last 48 hours preping for midterm week. I guess I am kinda ready for it lol.

This Past Friday (1/22/16) was MASA’s Asian Night Market at UCSD’s Library Walk.


Everyone had a fun time browsing the rest of the night market which housed all of the various UCSD affiliated Asian cultural clubs such as VSA, KASA, and more. Mostly the booths were selling various foods representing their club’s cultural background focus. JSA sold a tremendous amount of yakionigiri (seasoned fried rice balls) and takoyaki (octopus fritters) with NSU. Not trying to brag for JSA but there were so many customers for our booth that the line spanned across nearly half of the whole night market itself (Just kidding I am totally bragging good job JSA!!!).


JSA and NSU volunteers helped to toss and turn the takoyaki on the takoyaki pan fryers, and help to shape and season the rice for the yakionigiri. Special thanks to all the JSA members who came out to help us at the booth and also those who bought yummy food from us as well. I hope to see you guys at our next event!



Ice Skating after Language Table!

January 15, 2016


早速UCSD Week 2 が終えてからイベントはもう二つ終え、少しずつ新しい顔や親しんだ顔に会うことができました!

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明けましておめでとうございます!Happy New Year!

初めまして!スタッフに新しく入ったアンジェラです!みなさんこれからもよろしくお願いします〜 これが初めてのブログとなりまーす^.^


昨日は2016年、そして冬期初めてのGBMでした!来てくれてありがとうございました :) 皆にまた会えて嬉しかったでーす


トモくんも嬉しそうですよ ^^










12513812_1696782273939829_8070292352614690146_o 12491912_1696784833939573_6826365933775009827_o


なので道具のうちの一つは茄子でした!猿年なので猿も入ってました〜 いろんなランダムな道具を使ってそんな早く面白いスキットを作れるなんて皆さんすごかったです!






共にリーダーを担当した優作、セイラとポウリーン、お疲れ様でした〜 初めてリーダー担当したGBMだったので緊張したけど、楽しかったです!一生忘れません^.^



Hello everyone! I am one of the new staff members of JSA, Angela, so this will be my very first blog post 🙂

Yesterday was the first GBM of 2016 AND Winter Quarter! Thank you everyone who came, I’m glad to see everyone again~


Tomo-kun also looks very happy as well!

For the GBM, we first wrote our names and questions on paper, then folded it into a paper airplane.


After flying the paper airplanes, everyone had to pick up a random one and find the original owner~ I hope you all got a chance to talk to new people!

The theme for GBM this time was “New Years”


Seira, who came back from study abroad, is introducing us to the Japanese New Year culture here!

Yusaku then explained about “Hatsuyume”.  Mt. Fuji, hawk, and eggplant are “lucky items” in the first dream of the year. So we played a game called “Hatsuyume skit”, splitting into six groups and made brief skits on random items (including the lucky Hatsuyume items)!

12513812_1696782273939829_8070292352614690146_o   12491912_1696784833939573_6826365933775009827_o


This is why one of the items that the groups needed to incorporate into the skits was eggplant! There was also monkey, since it is the year of the monkey~ Good job everyone for making such wonderful skits in such a short time!


Browsing through some other photos from skits, Christina here is being a tour guide, while our President Kevin is becoming “Mt. Fuji”!


The group that won was Group 5! Congrats~ They made a creative skit on a broken printer!

Thank you to Yusaku, Seira, and Pauline who were leaders for this GBM with me~ This was my first time leading a GBM so I was nervous but I still enjoyed it!

See you again soon~