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Scavenger Hunt!

Hello fellow JSAers!!!

This is my first time writing a blog entry for JSA! so EXCITED! >.< well how did Scavenger hunt go? GREAT! and THE END! LOL Just Kidding!! I am not sure about everyone else but for sure Simeng and I had a good time! So for this year’s scavenger hunt, Simeng and I changed it up a little. Instead of giving a list of places to go to, we made riddles up for places. We thought of the riddles ourselves so there were many people who didn’t quite understood some of the places we were talking about. And there were also some unclear answers, apparently…WELL REGARDLESS OF ALL THE CRITIQUES: I HAD A LOT OF FUN!! Even though all I did was sit in the room and sing songs with Simeng! So I hope people who went to the scavenger hunt had a lot of fun too!!! Anyway, hope to see everyone at the next JSA event!!! :]



この夏ゆっくり休んで色々なこと経験して思いでを重ねて来年面白い話を言ってください。For me, it’ll be all summer in La Jolla and UCSD Extension. q(-_-)z


GBM #3 Spring 2011

Hello Everyone~~

It’s been a while since I wrote on the blog… I hope everyone’s been enjoying the officer’s blog?

Since the website’s launch back in…February(I think) everyone’s been putting a lot of effort on the blog entries and they’re all interesting to read aren’t they?

Thanks everyone!!

Okay, enough about updates, I will talk about last night’s event, GBM #3!

The culture theme was Children’s Day!

The icebreaker game was called Who am I?

Basically you have a children’s TV show character name on your back and you were suppose to go around asking yes or no questions

to people about who you are and when you figure it out you have to find others who are from the same show and group together.

here’s some people asking about who they are~

Our main game was pretty interesting as well.  Everyone had to make a koinoburi product and make a commercial about it.

They were judged on creativity, relativity and quality and here’s a picture of the winners!

Congratulations to the Koinoburi Longboard Team! and great narrations by Eddy!

Thanks to leaders Lisa and Simeng for all their hard work!

Okay… I am going to go back to studying now so here’s some pictures from dinner afterwards~




先週金曜日、今学期最後のイベント「End of the Quarter Party」がありました。

メンバー大勢でFugu’sで夕食を食べ、そのあとUltra Zoneでレーザータグをしました。EQPでは、普段顔を会わせないメンバーとも旧交を温めることができ楽しい時間を過ごすことができました。ご飯も美味しかったですし、期末試験でたまったストレスを発散でき楽しかったです。





まぁ、こんな感じで今学期は幕を閉じました。僕はすごく楽しかったですが、皆さんはどうでしたか? 来学期も宜しくお願いします!





JSA Bowling

Yoooooo this is Fumi~.

I am bored but even so I refuse to catch up on 5 weeks worth of INTL102 reading.

So on Friday we went to Mira Mesa for a bowling event.

And oh man, I failed lol.  I got a 63 hahahaha

Although my less than par performance can be attributed to many factors, I would like to name Joe Petri as the main culprit.

His constant jeering and dirty dance moves on the side made concentration futile.

Gah, I hate that guy. lol

I hope to see you all in the next bowling 🙂

JSA Hiking FA2011

Hello Everyone 🙂


How’s everybody doing? This is Yuta from JSA.

I hope all is well with midterms, job hunts and school in general.

It has personally been a hectic few weeks of October for me, but what relieved some of the stress off my shoulders was last Saturday’s JSA Hiking event.


So, the day started with meeting at Cafe Ventanas in ERC at 8:00am.

I honestly had a difficult time waking up, but once I was out of bed I was excited for the rest of the day to come (since I enjoyed last year’s hiking event).

It was a great turn out with about 25 members all prepared to go to “Iron Mountain” (the name sounds intense).

We divided into groups with drivers, and I was with Yuuki, Yusuke, Masaki and Annie.


When we got there the clouds were gone and the sun was burning all the attendees.

It was hot, but I think it was a good kind of hot especially since it turned out to be really cold the week after.

After everybody arrived I took the lead and Shunpei had the back.

The hiking trail started with a brief path of shade, and then lead to a shadeless path until we came back to the entrance three – four hours later.


Although it was hot and we sort of ran out of water, it was a GREAT opportunity to meet and talk to new people.

The view was great (Masaki kept on saying that the people below us looked like garbage) and it felt good to be outdoors instead of studying at home or the library.


All in all I recommend this hiking path to those of you who couldn’t attend the event.

The parking is free, and it feels great when you are at the top.

If you are not graduating this academic year, come to our Hiking event the year after.

I’m hoping we start taking onigiri/bento with us so that we can all picnic at the top of “Iron Mountain”.


Well, thanks for reading this entry!

I wish you all good luck with whatever it is you are doing.


Good night,




Here is a preview of the view from the top. Photo credit to Robert:



GBM4/Undie Warrior Janken Tournament

Hi everyone!

I’m (Shunpei) here to write a blog entry for GBM4/Fall11 JSA Undie Warrior Janken tournament. As many of you know, this was the last GBM of Fall11 Quarter, and the very first of what is to become an annual JSA Undie Warrior Janken Tournament. Here is a sneak peak of how the event looked like..


Looks intense right? Yes, the true warrior had to lose many many battles in order to represent JSA in Fall11 Undie Run. Check out this final battle scene where M.E. defeats T.W. for the #1 Warrior position! All-in-all it was an amazing night for everyone. Thank you for all who participated!


So who was the brain behind this genius event? Without further ado, Let me introduce to you all, Mr. A.Z.!

Message from A.Z.:

Hellooooooooooooooooooooo JSAers,

I’m Azuma (aka A-Z or azmax or driver or whatev) and I’m here to write a little about one of the most awesome jsa events that we had in the last gbm of this quarter. As the quarter progresses, we all experience anxiety and stress that come from papers, exams, work and etc. Everyone becomes so busy that you can’t even arrange a lunch meeting with your friends. To relieve these kinds of situations and your feelings and to bring more enjoyment to jsa, I, not the most but devoting member(bold, italic, underline) of jsa, wanted to suggest officers and the club a fun, awesome and intense event, the Undie Warrior.

The reason why we picked janken this time as a way to decide who is going to be the undie warrior is just because it’s simple and so that everyone can participate easily. Russian roulette was another idea i had in my mind in which every participant chooses a piece of sushi and the person whose sushi has a countless, ridiculous amount of wasabi in it is the loser(=winner), but it was janken for this time. And why undie run? Hey I’m from osaka, japan and i like silly and funny things like undie run.

Alright. Frst off I’d like to congratulate Louis on winning two free movie tickets. You won 5 times in a row. That was amazing. Secondly I’d like to thank everyone who participated in the tournament especially those female participants. You guys all showed us your enormous braveness. And lastly i’d like to say 残念! to Mr. Eto and Mr. Wang. You guys were so close to win in every janken you played but had absolutely no luck that night. hahaha. But one of the books i read says that learning about your luck at some point in your life is so important to your future and success. We all have luck and it becomes a matter of when to use your luck. And that’s why we wanna practice it through this event! (i’m just giving an acceptable reason here to continue enjoying this funny awesome event.)

I hope you all enjoyed full of bursting with excitement and fun playing and/or watching the tournament. Please come watch/support those honorable undie warrirors on wednesday night (the fact that you are not the undie warrior doesn’t necesary mean you can’t participate in the undie run!).

以上、きむらあづま君からのメッセージでした。(did i forget anyone to mention?)

Fall Bonfire 2011

Hi all,

This is my first blog entry of the school year! 😀 皆さんどうぞよろしくお願いします m(_ _)m

Anyways, I’d like to start off saying Fall Bonfire this year was a success! Thank you all for coming

Our meet-up time for rides was at 5:00PM at Café Ventanas. I was astounded to see so many new faces show up! Thanks to everyone who drove others; we greatly appreciate it. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get to the bonfire until a little past 6 since I waited at Café V for any latecomers (and there weren’t any ;_; so roneryyyy)

Once I got there, we all started playing human knot. Basically you’re in a big knot with all your other teammates and you try to untangle yourselves. Esther’s team won first place, then Shunpei’s team took second. I didn’t want to lose to Yutakasan so my team got third place! XD yeeeahhhh team mayukoooooo^^

Then we started playing Hug A Bunny. I called out a number and a category (i.e. Hug a bunny 2, find someone with the same color shirt as yours). People instinctively found others to hug, and all those who couldn’t find others lost 😛 This was my idea to play it; I learned it at Freshman orientation last year for Warren and I had a lot of fun doing it.  Hope you all enjoyed it 😀

After that, we played the reaction relay game. We sit in a line with our teammates looking across to another person on the other team. We all hold hands behind our backs so the other team can’t see, and someone on the end starts the pulse by squeezing the hands of the two people on the end. The pulse continues down the line as each person squeezes each other, and then team where the person on the other end grabs the marker first wins! I’d never played this before, but it was fun. I was the person who started off the pulse to the other teams. It was so intense when everyone was staring at me, waiting for the pulse;;;;; lol

The winner of that team got to eat dinner first, and then we served everyone some hotdogs and chips. I hope you all got to eat a bit, I’m sorry if there wasn’t enough food for y’all ><

Then, the time finally came to throw Yutakasan in the water. You see, JSA tradition holds that at every event we have at the beach, Yutakasan gets thrown in the water. Don’t ask me how or why this started; it started before my time. I like to see it as a sign that JSA loves you, because they wouldn’t do it if they knew you’d get mad about it. But that doesn’t mean I necessarily enjoy getting thrown in the water… I got thrown in the water for the first time at our last bonfire during the summer; didn’t think it’d happen again -_________-;;;; and too bad it was lowtide, because they threw me in shallow water D: nonetheless, I feel that throwing people in is always the highlight of any beach event. But needless to say, I hope we haven’t scared away any of you. Don’t worry, we won’t throw you in. or at least, not for a while. 😉

We took the group picture, and afterwards people either mingled with others, or played boom chicka boom boom. I found myself just flailing my arms around when I became leader for boom chicka boom boom; that game is haaard O.o;;;;;;;;;

This was my first year experiencing the beginning of the school year with JSA. As publicity chair, I made all the flyers, brochures, and calendars, however my job would be nothing without all the amazing officers and staffs who took out their time to flyer on Library Walk last week. Thanks guys!

Otsukaresama to Yutakasan and Simeng who were at the pit from 6:30AM to reserve it for the night, to Min&others who helped grill the hotdogs, to Don who got all the stuff from the clubroom, to Thuy who co-leadered this event with me, and to all others who made this event possible!

And thank you to all everyone who came to the bonfire! We all worked very hard on planning this event, and we hope you enjoyed it. Hope to see you at our GBM on Wednesday 🙂


Here are some pictures from the bonfire!

Our beloved JSA banner. Thanks Steph for fixing it hehe


New members at the Bonfire! 🙂


Playing human knot. Yeah, everyone gets super tangled….


Shunpei’s human knot team!


Esther’s team for Human Knot


Old members meeting new, new members meeting new.


Group photo! 😀 Wow, so many people♥


Mayu, over and out.

Fall- End of the Quarter Party 忘年会

Hi everyone, it’s Don.

I hope your final exams went well! As for myself, I had an exam scheduled from 7 pm to 10 pm  which was unfortunately during the same time as EQP. Luckily for me, I was able to finish my exam with relative ease so I could join everyone as soon as possible.This quarter’s EQP was held at Bluefin Japanese Fusion which is near University Town Center.

Everyone who came dressed very nicely and brought their appetite and celebration mindset after going through a grueling week of finals. We all had a delicious dinner with free beer provided by the restaurant at no extra charge! I had a plate of chicken fried rice which tasted divine after not eating anything for almost the whole day. Since sushi is a popular favorite in JSA, everyone wasted no time ordering various kinds of rolls. Everyone seemed to be in good spirits and had a lot of fun things to talk about with each other.

After, we had a mini talent show with some of our own members showcasing their abilities, highlighted by Yuki’s impressions of famous Japanese cartoon characters and celebrities, Mayuko’s guitar playing and singing, and Shunpei’s breakdancing. I didn’t realize JSA was so talented, and it got me to wonder what my own talents were. Maybe next time, I’ll bust out some famous K-Pop dances or something. On second thought, never mind.

Before we ended the night, we had trophy presentations for the JSA Undie Warrior participants: Masaki, Tony, and Yusuke. I remember it was freezing that night, and I couldn’t imagine doing the Undie Run myself. To reward the three participants for their bravery in the freezing cold, they each received a trophy. The trophy that Yusuke received was so funny that I still giggle every time I picture it in my head.

With that, Fall quarter is a wrap! I hope everyone has a fun, relaxing, safe Winter Break with lots of good food, friends, and Christmas presents. I hope next quarter brings more great lasting memories that are coupled with new friends that one can meet, near and far.


Don Lee

UCSD JSA Historian


Thank you Thuy Nguyen, our finance chair and Soul Run Dancho, for all your hard work in JSA and for being one of the greatest friends I’ve ever had. We’ll all miss you dearly. Good luck with all your future endeavors Noona! I know that you’ll be great in whatever you do!

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