Winter End of Quarter Dinner

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all enjoying break. Here’s a brief overview of what happened at our end of quarter dinner.

This quarter our EQD took place at Kogi Korean BBQ. Sadly, I didn’t come out of there weighing 50 kilos as I had hoped, but I’d say our impression of this place was positive overall. I especially liked the pork kalbi. Also, a special thanks to my tablemate Jonathan Jiang for being our meat flipper and to Ken Kudo for eating my fried rice. As evidenced by the following photos, we all had a great time there.


What was the “special event” this time around? We decided it would be a good idea to assign people into groups and make each group coordinate a theme for their clothing. Some of the themes we saw included Winnie the Pooh, all black, and gangsters. The group photos turned out great! We capped everything off by giving a big thanks to our retiring officers and getting Boba.



Lastly, I’d like to give a big personal thanks to our retiring officers. Enjoy the break, because you guys really deserve it!