Priscilla in Japan


Hello everyone! VP Internal Priscilla here (though not VP Internal for long!) Things are winding down in our winter quarter here at UCSD, which also means that the current term of officers is going to turn over to a new one soon. Though I’m sad that my time as a JSA officer will soon be over, I can’t help but be really excited to see what the new team will be bringing forth!

Something that’s also coming up for me with the end of the winter quarter is something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time now. I’m going to Japan y’all! I’ve probably told most of you this by now, but I’m going to be leaving on March 30 and will be in Japan (or somewhere around there) until September 3. That’s basically a whole 5 months!

Of course I’m excited at the prospect of being in a new place and exploring a culture I don’t know yet, but at the same time I can’t help but be really anxious.

Especially considering the concurrent ending of this term, I’m going to miss JSA and the people in it so, so much. When I’m attending school in Japan and joining other clubs, I’ll probably think about JSA and how we would run it differently (lol) and how a lot of these people are so different from the people I know back home.

But of course, different is also good. I know this trip will be important for my own personal growth. I hope that this study abroad trip will help me become a more mature, responsible and independent adult. I think that’s what studying abroad usually does for all people. So if you’re reading this, and you’ve been thinking about studying abroad but weren’t sure, DO IT. I can’t even stress that enough. Studying abroad in Germany was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I’m sure I’ll say the same thing about Japan when I come back in September.

But anyway. This is what I’m gonna be doing in the spring quarter of 2015! You’ll probably see plenty of obnoxious Facebook and Instagram pictures of Japanese food and me in different places in Japan, just in case you’re wondering what I’m up to 😀 (I’m just kidding, I’m sure you all have more interesting things to do in your life)

I also want to take the time to personally thank everyone who has supported me thus far, including my family and friends (in and out of JSA). Maybe you guys didn’t realize it, but everything you’ve done for me has shaped me into a person brave enough to take the initiative to organize a study abroad trip for myself. I’ll miss you when I’m gone and I’ll see you when I get back (bearing gifts). To those of you who will be in Japan from April 1-September 3, please come visit me in Yokohama ♡ (also willing to come to you)

– Priscilla


Hi everyone! VP Internal Priscilla here! Lately there have been a ton of posts about events, so I’ll write about something different altogether lol.

Something I take great pride in is the fact that I have really good memory, so I remember the very first time I meet a new person. So I think I’m gonna share my first encounters with the officers and staff of JSA! (be warned, this will probably get boring)



I first met En-chan when we were still freshman. This was when I was still fairly new to JSA and kind of shy, and En-chan’s English wasn’t as good as it is now. So when we were in the back of Shunpei-san’s car and Sena tried to introduce us, it wasn’t surprising that it was kind of awkward LOL. It’s okay though, now we’re close enough to take really unflattering photos together.

Kevin and Tomoki

I met these two when I went to Fall Bonfire in 2012, our very first event in JSA ever. My friend Christian met them first, and they told me they were from Kobe. I asked them if they could teach me how to call Christian fat, and Kevin told me it was デブ. It stuck until now, so thanks guys LOL.



I met Yuka for the first time when we were waiting at Café V to go to the San Diego Asian Film Festival. It was the first time she ever came out to a JSA event, I think, so it was nice to see another freshman at the time. I was really intimidated by her at first, I don’t know why. She’s really nice. Maybe she just has that face.



Fall 2012, GBM 2 with the Halloween theme. We were waiting outside of Warren Lecture Hall and Andy was outside fiddling with his phone when me and Christian waved hi to him. We didn’t even know him though, lol. Look at him being too cool and looking bored during GBM.



I don’t remember our first conversation, but I definitely remember seeing her for the first time at Fall Bonfire during freshman year. She looked super Japanese. And she was so cute and shy with her cheeks all rosy like they usually are!


This loser didn’t come out until 2nd year, but at least he came to the first event of the year! I met him for the first time when we were doing the ice breaker, and apparently both of our favorite color is blue. I also remember that same day he mentioned knowing something about Indonesia, which made him 10x more awesome in my book.


First thought: holy crap she is so pretty LOL. I remember meeting her for the first time at the Boba Run after our first GBM in Fall 2013, but we didn’t really start bonding until our Halloween event! Charlie Chaplin and French artist–mustache buddies!


This is embarrassing, I had to ask her name twice :O so much for having a good memory. But still, I remember being super surprised when we were talking in the back of Erik’s car and she told me she’s a math major (because I kind of hate math). It’s okay, we appear to have a lot of other things that brought us closer, including being Pristorian and Aristorian.


I remember meeting and talking to her after she had already become staff of JSA! One day she appeared during our weekly meetings and I remember being so surprised at how brave she was coming in so fast lol. I know I couldn’t have done that when I was a freshman!


(from GBM 1 boba run!)

I remember she was the first freshman I encountered at Bonfire and she was telling me how she was trying really hard to look for JSA at Library Walk earlier that week (which is surprising because I always thought we’re pretty obnoxious when we flyer). Like most people, I was also surprised when she spoke perfect Japanese, but she’s definitely one of the most interesting people I’ve met. So cultured!


I remember seeing Sici for the first time at Language Table during my freshman year, but the first time I really talked to her was during our Fall Staff Retreat. She was pretty quiet, but very sweet!


しょうママ!I remember my first conversation with him was during a boba run after GBM! But he also reminded me that one time I mistakenly put him in beginner Japanese at Language Table (it isn’t my fault if you don’t tell me what level you are lol) Getting to know him over the past year has been fun though. He’s such a smart and sensitive person! Did you know he writes poems? Cool huh?


I actually met Kenji before he came into JSA! He and I were in the same Japanese tutorial class, and I remember him being really good at speaking. It feels like such a long time ago!


I remember when he came to Language Table for the first time. He was so friendly and smiley, perfect for the JSA gang lol. I’ve always admired his motivation to learn Japanese too!

Anthony and Cuong

I first met Anthony through embarrassing stories other people told about him LOL. But yeah, he was a fun guy to go trick or treating with 😀 and I met Cuong when we went trick or treating! I haven’t had too many opportunities to talk to him, but I heard about his love for anime and his dream to go to Japan! I hope he reaches the $10,000 one day!


I remember him when he showed up to Hot Pot Night last year, speaking Japanese like a pro lol. I also remember that was when I found out he hates to be photographed lol. Try finding a picture of him on facebook, it’s impossible.


I remember seeing her for the first time at GBM 1 dinner this year! She was sitting at the table next to mine! I was amazed to find a 17 year old sophomore with junior standing *__* She’ll graduate when she should be going to college for the first time!


I actually remember her from tabling this fall! Such a cute and memorable face. She came by the table and was mostly talking to En-chan, but I was sitting behind my computer, getting excited at the idea of more freshmen coming in lol.


I remember meeting Stephanie at bonfire! I was talking to her and some other first years about their first week in San Diego! I also recently found out she has dimples and is from the 818 like me 😀 <3


JSA and everyone in it mean a lot to me. If I find someone who also loves JSA, then I’ll probably love them too. Even though I can easily remember my first encounters with these people, it’s my future with them that matters. So let’s enjoy our time together and make more of these memories! 😀