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2nd Year, Revelle, Computer Engineering (ECE)

you can also call my Dinithy lol

Taiko drumming, music, painting, cooking, eating

*Favorite singer/band/group/etc.?

ARASHI <3 (matsujun is bae)

*Favorite flavor (of cake, icecream, etc.)?

Green tea

*You’re stranded on an island. Your phone is damaged and the only function it has now is playing 1 song on repeat. What song is it?

復活LOVE by Arashi

*If you were to be thrown into a pool of a certain drink, that drink would be ________.


*You just won a million dollars from the lottery, what do you spend it on (or not)?

Paying my college tuition and debts because life and then use the remaining two bucks to get something from daiso

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