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2nd Year, Marshall, Biochemistry/Cell Biology


Ehula, ondo, baking

*Favorite singer/band/group/etc.?

Arashi, Goose House, Beatles, James Bay

*Favorite flavor (of cake, icecream, etc.)?

chocolate chip cookie dough

*You’re stranded on an island. Your phone is damaged and the only function it has now is playing 1 song on repeat. What song is it?


*If you were to be thrown into a pool of a certain drink, that drink would be ________.

Moscow Mule

*You just won a million dollars from the lottery, what do you spend it on (or not)?

go to the motherland, join the arashi fan club, enter the lottery hella for tickets, use some tickets to go to concerts, sell remaining tickets off to pay for my Maserati, hire Arashi as wedding singers for mine and Ikuta Toma’s wedding, buy a nice house for my parents, pay for my sister’s tuition, and then exchange the rest for cash and gold so I can swim in it like Scrooge McDuck

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